Welcome to our blog thetraveltotaste!

First let us introduce ourselves. My name is Josh and I’m a chef, this is Jess, she works front of house. Together we have started this blog to share with all of you our travels, tastes and search for the perfect dining experience. Jess and I are travelling the world and we want you to come along.  We will show you the lot. Where we eat, sleep, party, everything!

Take a look around the site, time to dine will take you to find restaurants that we’ve reviewed and trips and tips will keep you up to date on our whereabouts and give you a few neat tips for travel. The other tabs will give you a bit of information about us, where you can get a drink, great places to stay and what we’re cooking up at home.

Please give us a shout, leave us some comments and let us know what you think.

This is our travel to taste.

Let the search begin…

See you soon! Josh and Jess.DSC04070