The Lui Bar

Lets have a drink @ The Lui Bar, Vue De Monde

Well all this Melbourne madness has got me seriously in need of alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. So Jess and I find ourselves at The Lui Bar on level 55 of the Rialto Towers. So this put me in the mood to talk mixology. We want to know all of your favourite drinks that tip you over the edge, which is likely the way that Jess and I are knocking these drinks back.

Lui Bar is a gorgeous setting with modern French decor, a sophisticated space but comfortable and in no way too stiff. We pick a spot by the window and set to chill. An old fashioned for me and a mojito for Jess. While we sit and discuss the serious full stomachs that we have after our fantastic fall down the rabbit hole at Hare and Grace, I think that it’s time for us to share some recipes for our favourite tipple of choice.

Josh’s Not So Old Fashioned
The old fashioned is a classic drink traditionally made by muddling sugar and bitters before pouring over whiskey and garnishing with an orange wedge. For mine I like to use orange bitters and Appleton estate rum. Appleton estate reserve rum has delicious notes of ginger and vanilla so it picks up the orange whilst adding a hint of spice warmth.

For my drink. I like to chill the glass right down in the fridge first and set a large cube of ice in the freezer. Big enough to almost fill the glass. You’re going to want to sit on this one for a while!

1 sugar cube
5 dashes of angostura orange bitters, more if you like it really bitter.
A tiny splash of water, this gives you a little bit of moisture just to get everything moving.
And last but not least, 60mls of appleton estate rum.

Put your sugar cube into a chilled old fashioned glass, line the edges with the bitters then add the water. Use a spoon or a muddler to crush the sugar cube. Add your large ice cube then pour the rum over the top. Stir to dissolve the sugar and serve with an orange zest garnish. This is sophistication and classic. Don your tux, grab your machine gun and enjoy.

Jess’s Mild Mannered Mojito
The mojito can turn even the rainiest of days into summer in the Caribbean. Jess’s take on this classic is to freshen it up with lots of mint and a serious amount of lime.
Use a Collins glass to serve this or make a pitcher and have yourself a kicking party.

2 tablespoons of caster sugar
A dozen or so ice cubes
45 mls of white rum
150 mls of soda water
A bunch of mint
2 limes

Okay so there is a serious amount of mint and lime, you don’t have to make it quite so zingy but the fresh punchiness of the lime combined with the sweetness of the rum and sugar is just a little piece of Cuban heaven.

First take about half of your mint, half of your limes cut into wedges and jam them into the bottom of a jug or a cocktail mixer. Crush the mint with the lime to release all the essential oils. Add the sugar and muddle again to dissolve. At this point you should have a lovely green mess. This is the base of heaven. Strain the liquid into your glass and add the ice. Pour over your rum and garnish with the remaining lime wedges and mint. Fresh, zesty and delicious. Put on your sunglasses, some chilled out tunes and enjoy.

Lui Bar is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Melbourne. Not simply for the fact that it’s directly next door to the amazing Vue De Monde. It is a space that is elegant and modern with great drinks and wonderful service.

So now we have shared our drinks we want to know all of yours, drop us a comment and give us your recipes. Although if we get too many to try Jess and I may need new livers! Cheers!

Drank in April 2013

Level 55 Rialto Towers
525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC

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