Let the search begin..

Let the search begin..


Jess here! Writing from our first flight on this epic adventure, Sydney to San Francisco. It’s 13hrs on a United flight that is a tad behind the times and only has a limited number of tv screens (I know right? No individual movies, tv or games). So what better movie to watch to begin our journey than Epic itself, a G rated children’s film that actually got a few laughs out of Josh and I.

I feel like I should talk about our very first gourmet meal, for Josh it was pasta with pumpkin purée and for me, braised beef and cous cous. Both served with a side salad, wholemeal dinner roll and apple cobbler to finish. That’s right, airplane dinner. Surprisingly the meal was actually edible despite what the photos may look like.


Now that we are both fed, it’s sleep time. Josh has taken a sleeping pill and instantly has nodded off. The lights are dim in the cabin and I think sleep is on the cards for me as well.

We look forward to posting and keeping all of you updated as we embark on this adventure and search for the best restaurants, hotels, bars, sights, cities and of course, the perfect dining experience.

Welcome aboard!

Jess and Josh

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