San Francisco City Day 1

San Francisco City Day 1


Well its taken us a 13 hour flight, 2 hours through customs and a scary cab ride on the wrong side of the road but we are here. Beautiful San Francisco, the sights and spoils of the city lay down in front of us.
Staying at the Royal just inside Chinatown, Jess and I quickly check in and head out exploring. One word can sum up these city streets. Alive. Everywhere you look the city is practically oozing culture; there’s street graffiti artists painting technicolor portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley, fluro green pedi-cab cyclists dragging hoards of giggling tourists and the smell, the wonderful, salty, delicious smell of fresh seafood.
Boiled, steamed, fried, baked and served in sourdough. For foodies San Fran has it all. Jess and I hit pier 39, a literal melting pot of fantastic food cultures. I am starving. So of course it’s into Bobbers for a quick dozen mini doughnuts covered in cinnamon sugar. This is just the beginning. Simply strolling the pier you can grab fresh dungeoness crabs, boiled then covered in butter, waffles, burgers, pizza the size of surfboards and the  specialty dish of clam chowder, served up in a sourdough roll.
Hungry? I know I am.
Food is a big part of San Francisco life. Jess and I head over to Boudin Bakery, a place famous for its sourdough and pastries. Sourdough is a special kind of bread. It begins with a mother dough that draws from the active yeast found within the air to get it to rise. This bread is truly San Francisco. It is made from the environment here, a product that is totally unique and I can say it is almost indescribable, but what better way to enjoy it with a little bacon and a smothering of molten American cheese. Did I mention I love it here!
On the way back to the hotel we head over to Lombard street, this crazy zig zagging road completely covered in flowers. It’s like something from Alice in Wonderland. There are people everywhere and flowers and cars and bikes and tourists and people standing in the middle of the road taking photos and kids and… It’s a little intense.
So a few shots and the walk up the serious flight of stairs and we are back off to the hotel. Lucky San Fran is known for its hills because I’ve got quite a bit of food to work off.  This is just the beginning so I hope all of you are as ready for this adventure as we are.
Til’ tomorrow
Josh & Jess

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