Escape from Alcatraz, actually can we get in please? Day 2

Escape from Alcatraz, actually can we get in please? Day 2

Apparently not! Alcatraz is fully booked until August 25th. Who knew prison was so hard to get in to! So with a little commiseration Jess and I book a boat cruise around the island instead.
But to start the day, if you don’t know this already I am a giant nerd so the San Francisco Exploratorium was a must for me. Science is fun right?
This place is enormous, and full of running, screaming, soda dropping, jelly popping, covered in sticky something, CHILDREN. I mean they are everywhere. Don’t get me wrong Jess and I love kids but hopped up on sugar and scientific stimulation. This place is a little insane.
After playing with all the lab stuff and a few laughs in the hurricane simulator we are starving so we head to the sea glass cafe for a quick bite. Cheese quesadillas and pulled pork tacos. Mexican heaven. Having a bite at the bar we watch some lightning fast sushi chefs do their work and sip on some sparkling grapefruit sodas.
The Exploratorium is up the far end of the pier so it’s an easy trip to our Bay of San Francisco cruise. It’s a little windy today so the seas are a tad choppy but we press on. Fat sea lions waddle across the rocks and bark at the incoming flights of gulls. The sea froths and foams as we float towards the enormous rock of Alcatraz. But first, why not a quick trip under the Golden Gate. This scenery is picturesque, an almost whimsical feat of engineering set against the stunning backdrop of turquoise ocean. Kite surfers flutter in the distance and our ship bobs gently on the currents.
Finally Alcatraz looms down upon us. Intimidating and awesome. Some of Americas worst served here. This was the home of Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. The place stares down at you with ferocity, despite being closed since 1963. It is both haunting and beautiful. A treat for any San Fran tourist.
Now Jess and I are certainly not on prison rations. So we’re off to The Crab House for dinner. Portions are absolutely enormous here, a serve of calamari where even the lemon slices are deep fried could feed a family of four!
Jess has battered fish with fries and gremolata whilst I tackle the “killer crab.” A delicious feast of crab pieces fried in a secret garlic and caper sauce. The crab is so sweet and succulent I can’t stop eating.
Thank heavens there’s a bib because I am elbow deep in seafood goodness. To drink, a local beer made specially at the Crab House called of course, Crab Ale. It is a dark amber colour with an almost apple cider flavour. It is utterly delicious and pairs well with the crab.
I myself feel a little like a boiled crab actually as I left the hotel this morning without sunscreen. Sorry mum!
So with that I shall say goodnight and see you tomorrow. Pirates of the Caribbean is on so I’ll leave you with a note.
Keep a weather eye on the horizon.
Josh and Jess

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