Walk the walk. A journey of agony, pride and very sore feet. Day 3

Walk the walk. A journey of agony, pride and very sore feet. Day 3
It’s our third day in beautiful San Fran so we head down to the ferry building on pier one of the Embacadero to the local farmers market.
 I am starving of course and we have yet to have any serious American fast food. Goots on the pier is the place for us! I am holding a double fried chicken fillet with jalapeño slaw and ranch on a butter toasted torpedo roll. There is nothing these guys can’t make fatty and delicious. Just the snack to put Jess and I in the mood for produce.
These guys know produce! There are heirloom varieties that I have never even heard of! The tomatoes blush beautifully and are like sweet nectar from the gods. The peaches smile and burst in the mouth as you chomp down on them.
Then we found the mushroom stall. Tubers, spores, tree huggers. The word is FUNGUS. They even have some leftover euro truffles for show and purchase. The morels look fantastic, the chanterelles look incredible, the lions mane look like lions manes, the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!! Ok so I get excited about fungus. That’s ok right?
After wandering through the markets literally drooling over all the produce Jess and I catch the ferry into Sausalito, the trendy neighbourhood of upper class San Fran. Worth a visit just remember to get in line for your ferry early because the lines can get epic.
Now for the walk. We thought we would just mosey across the Golden Gate Bridge. Little did we know the bridge is actually miles of rugged hills and jagged terrain away from the lovely little town we were standing in. So that is accomplished. Then we get to the bridge. Which is 1.7 miles long and that’s if you don’t get bowled over by tourists on bikes!
The Golden Gate is actually awe inspiring. A masterpiece of engineering and a great demonstration of mans ability to..join things. Walking over the bridge truly is a great thing to do when you’re in town. The views are jaw dropping and the city looks quite picturesque from the centre pillar.
Now the bridge is on the other side of San Fran a long way away from our hotel. No dramas, public transport to the rescue. Apparently not. There’s a SF giants game on and all the transport is full.
Walk it is then..
Ok we have officially been walking for about 4 hours. My feet are sore from my shoes, my legs are tired from walking, my throat is sore from complaining and Jess’s ears are sick of listening to me. We finally get back to the pier and grab a cute little cable car home.
Tony’s pizza for dinner is served up in tremendous portions and for the love of god somebody let me sleep.
I could use a foot rub.
Josh and Jess

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