Highway defeats and sweet retreats. Napa and Monterey Day 5

Highway defeats and sweet retreats. Napa and Monterey Day 5 

We wake to the sound of footsteps outside, other guests of the Bordeaux House are enjoying breakfast. As we lay we can smell the pastries, the coffee and the fresh Napa air. Breakfast is not on the cards for us however, we know that we need to save all the room that is humanly possible for lunch. Today we dine at Bouchon.


We are greeted with a smile and taken outside to dine in the terrace area. It’s private, only seating around 10 diners instead of being in the hustle and bustle of inside. We choose a seat and soak the Napa sun before the shade is drawn so we can enjoy the food. Josh has gone into great detail in the Bouchon review so I won’t bore you with it all again. I will say, that this is one of the greatest French bistro meals I have ever had. French onion soup that was so delicate yet rich and flavoursome, hand cut gnocchi so perfectly cooked it melted in your mouth, fish that just pulled away from itself and frog legs so crispy it left you wanting more. And don’t even get me started on dessert! For those of you that know me well, you know I can never refuse chocolate.. no matter how hard I tried, I ordered the richest dessert possible. Bouchon is definitely a highlight for this foodie!


Highway to hell! That’s the only way I can describe the first half of the drive to Monterey. After missing three exits because we are driving opposite in a country that loves confusing street signs and numerous lane changes, the sweat started to once again form on Josh’s forehead. I thought the GPS was going out the window, with me attached. Finally we reach highway 101, the same road we will drive all the way to Los Angeles, with a nights pit stop in Monterey.

Never before have I seen a fishing town quite like this. Monterey smells like the ocean and reminds us of Newcastle, the place we both call home. We check in to the hotel and then decide its dinner time. A quick drive around Fisherman’s Wharf  lands us at Cannery Row, yep you guessed it, where they use to put fish in cans. Sardines! The word is everywhere but luckily for me, not on the menu. This street is right on the water overlooking California’s Central Coast and is lined with shops, restaurants, bars and everything else a tourist needs.


Dinner is quick. Louie’s Linguine provides the perfect pasta in enormous servings with a spectacular view. Josh must have been hungry because his was gone before I even started.  Home time, oh yeah, its my turn to drive! Only one more thing left to do, candy factory. Since we arrived I have wanted saltwater taffy. We hit the jackpot, taffy in so many flavours its hard to choose so I get one of everything. Josh has hit gummy overload. We are literally kids in a candy store and I never want to leave. A few hefty bags later and we are on sugar highs back at the hotel. Saltwater taffy is so incredibly sweet with a saltiness that just makes it better. Lucky for me, Josh hates it. I’m excited because now I can eat it all, and that’s exactly what I did.




Jess and Josh.

Bouchon Bistro Yountville
6534 Washington ST Yountville, California USA

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