The rear view mirror. A road from nowhere. Day 6

The rear view mirror. A road from nowhere. Day 6

Today we leave the lovely Monterey Bay. A quick overnight jaunt but a very nice stay. We head out nice and early after a spot of breakfast at the hotel. So marks the beginning of what we thought would be a pleasant, touristy drive down the coast.

Well GPS has taken us in a very different route. Sure it may have been the fastest but in no way was it the most interesting. We drove literally into nothing. Vast masses of brown all around us, and a straight, agonisingly straight stretch of highway ahead. I am sure we have photos on everyone of our posts that are kind of exciting and fun to look at. I must apologise in advance. The highlight of our drive to Los Angeles was seeing a squirrel and swerving to avoid the little critter.


We also stopped at a dam…

I know right?


The thing that we did enjoy was some serious American trucking. I mean there were trucks everywhere. And also signs for a Taco Bell smothered burrito. Delicious. Driving the 101 is kind of like being in the grand theft auto games; there’s signs for Los Santos, Santa Barbara, I even thought about pimp slapping Jess a few times. I mean we went to a dam!

 When we finally got to L.A. it was like a complete change of scenery, there’s buildings, lights, people and total city scenery. It was a fairly uneventful day but tomorrow will be huge.

Guess I’ll build a bridge over this dam and get over it.

Josh and Jess

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