A quaint little place that charmed our socks off! Staying at The Bordeaux House

A quaint little place that charmed our socks off!

Staying at The Bordeaux House

Yountville, the Napa Valley; possibly one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. A gorgeous little village filled with bright gardens, farmers plots, and bursting grape vines. This charming town really for me captured the essence of getaway and escape, it’s a place where one can truly relax and unwind amongst the vines. We are staying at The Bordeaux House, a wonderful French provincial castle nestled in around this stunning atmosphere.



Sunshine naps the windows as we drive over the crunchy pebbled driveway. A pristine looking cement fountain beams at us upon entry. We are checked in by the lovely owner Jean who is both friendly and welcoming, so friendly she lets us know that there will be wine and cheese on for everyone in the afternoon. Now that’s hospitality.



Upon entering the room Jess and I are both taken aback. Can we just say the photos of this place on tripadvisor do it zero justice whatsoever. This place is gorgeous! A bed that feels like a cloud, dozens of soft, cushy pillows and beautiful wooden bedside tables. The bathroom has two large mirrors and some well chosen accessories. I am no interior designer so I’m sure my brother will tell me I’m using all the wrong lingo. Regardless, this place is a great stay!



What this room has is attention to detail, it has love. You can tell that these rooms are cared for and that the people who stay here are treated truly like royalty. This is a trait often overlooked by larger chain hotels. As far as price goes The Bordeaux House  is at the less expensive end of the Yountville market at around 200 U.S. a night. Let us tell you, Yountville is crazy expensive but we can say  if you check this place out you will be so well looked after and have a great experience.


Yountville is a place of beauty, vibrancy and character. Let the charming Bordeaux House capture you like a warm hug from grandma.

Let yourself escape.

Josh and Jess

Bordeaux House
6600 Washington St Yountville, California USA

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