Beautifully bizarre… Day 11

Beautifully bizarre… Day 11

It’s Vegas again baby. We’ve been here for three days now and have had some serious fun. Today we thought it would be best to just relax, kick around the pool and just holiday for a bit. Well yesterday we bought tickets to Cirque Du Soleil. Yes I know we saw Criss Angel last night but we just wanted to see a little more.

It’s raining here today. Yes raining in the middle of the desert, it’s bizarre, beautifully bizarre one might say. It remains a staggering 39 degrees but rain trickles from above like a tease from the heavens just encouraging the tiny plants to grow here. Rain be damned, Jess and I are hitting the pool. We sunscreen up and dive in. However we don’t last too long because despite the wet weather we are absolutely bombarded by kids having so much fun kicking and splashing and I just wanted to jump in and splash around too much.

We head up to the room and veg out for a couple of hours before heading to The Aria casino for Zarkana. The beautiful circus.


But before that of course we need to experience some serious Las Vegas buffet. The Aria has one of the most notable buffet on the strip and even though it isn’t exactly cheap, the food is well worth the price. You can pile your plates high with restaurant quality ingredients like fresh Alaskan king crab, house made saffron risotto, some hand made naan from the tandoor and silky fresh sashimi served with loads of wasabi and soy.


Wow. This food is delicious. Something Jess and I have noticed in America, ok there is a tonne of fast food, but in places like this it is about quality. What they eat is quality produce and we are the lucky ones to enjoy. Now I see Jess eyeing off a fairly serious looking dessert bar so we grab a few bites before show time. Bring on Zarkana.


We scored tickets with what we thought were great seats. What we ended up with we’re 2nd row on large cushy lounges, plenty of room for us to laze and the dramatic stage just metres away from us. The lights dim to a soft blue and the characters take to the stage. The next hour is what I can only describe as the best live performance I have ever seen. Zarkana is whimsical in nature, with gorgeous costume and incredible stunts. Set to live music with our ringleader also the lead singer, this show was incredible.



Trapeze artists soar through the air whilst an eery spider looking woman sings operatic tones; our jester spends some time in outer space whilst performers covered in coloured balls spin within rings on centre stage, pearl white acrobats wearing semi Elizabethan clothes dance, sing, tumble and play in a dream that is so unbelievable Jess and I sat most of the show jaws dropped.

If you have an opportunity to see Cirque Du Soleil then gravitate with both hands and do not let go.

I called this post beautifully bizarre, these are the only words I could think of whilst I watched this amazing story unfold before me. It is both haunting and idyllic, a performance almost of antithesis. Light and dark coincide and result in a wonderful collision that is entertaining and utterly incredible. The Aria hosts these shows in their large but seemingly intimate space in comfort and style. Jess and I grab some great photos taken by the hosts outside and a couple of souvenirs before jumping in a taxi tacking away about how much we could not believe what we had just seen.



Now to bed, the strip is still awake and kicking but their is a big day ahead and some amazing dreams to be had.

Or did we just see the dream?

Josh and Jess

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