It’s Vegas Baby! Day 10

It’s Vegas baby! Day 10

Well here we are, the city of sin. Las Vegas. Once you hit the strip your senses are almost overwhelmed by the glitz, glamour and dazzle that is everything Vegas. Whether you’re gambling, seeing the multitude of shows, or hitting the dozens of award winning restaurants Vegas truly has a little bit of fun for everyone.

Now the first thing to truly hit us was the heat. We are smack bang in the middle of the Nevada desert and it shows. It’s around 40 degrees here and the air could dry jerky in an instant. That doesn’t stop thousands of people literally flooding the strip looking to pick their poison.


For Jess and I, we hit the tables at The Wynn, a stunning casino ensconced in luxury. This entire place oozes rich and there are people here with serious cash to splash. So come buy yourself an Armani suit, the jacket prices start at $1900 US or for your lady maybe some Jimmy Choo shoes, or a dress from Alexander McQueen? They don’t even have prices on them but being that they are sealed behind glass cabinets guarded by two extremely burly looking security guards I’m going to guess a lot! Well all this posh purchases has got me in the Vegas mood baby. Lets spend up.

We dive into the roulette tables at the beautiful Bellagio, 50 on black. Bang! The wheel ticks over and the little white ball of fortune seals our fate. Red.

Denied. Screw it lets go again, I mean we’re rich right? It’s vegas? 20 on red 21, again the wheel clicks and sputters, somewhat more menacing this time. Boom! Red 32. Sorry sir, you lose.

And ok seventy bucks down the drain and Jess and I haven’t even got a drink yet! It is seriously easy to get caught up in the wonderment of this place. Then the money runs out. So we put our obviously wonderful gambling skills aside and wander up the strip.

You may think you live in a city of lights. Let me tell you there is no city brighter then Vegas. The massive Eiffel Tower model beams before us at Paris, the gorgeous, silky black pyramid of The Luxor towers over us, the pirate ship at treasure island just looks damn piratey, and the lights and sounds of the bustling strip are intoxicating.


Speaking of intoxication the liquor here flows like.. well wine, and beer, and spirits. The amount of fall down drunk teens here is hilarious. The local police patrol has their work cut out for them with passouts, jaywalking and a million other drunken minor infringements but hey, it’s Vegas baby.

We grab lunch at Caesars Palace, some Asian noodles, pork char sui, and beef dumplings. Ok it’s not Joel Robuchon, who has a restaurant here by the way, but after punishing our budget on roulette we are in the mood for cheap and tasty before we see our show tonight.


Jess and I are off to see Criss Angel, the worlds best illusionist, in his new show Believe, at The Luxor. The show combines Criss’ incredible illusions with some macabre, Donnie Darko style Cirque Du Soleil. His magic is truly mind boggling! Some of these illusions include levitating metres above the stage, making a motorcycle appear within a completely empty box and sawing a beautiful stage girl in half. The combination of Criss’ masterful magic and Cirque’s incredible acrobatics makes for a wonderful performance that is both shocking and entertaining. The intimate theatre at The Luxor allows for Angel to walk amongst the audience for some serious interaction. Do we dare ask him to make us disappear?


After the show we jump right back into the strip. The fountain show at The Bellagio is our next stop. It goes off every half hour and features gallons of water shot hundreds of feet into the air to different show tunes. This time of course it is “Hey big spender.” The lights and timings of the fountains make for a great show, and best of all it’s free. A quick wander through The Mirage and we decide that we will conquer the casinos tomorrow.


Wish us luck.

Bet it all on black

Josh and Jess

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