Up, up and away. Day 12

Up up and away. Day 12

It’s our last full day in Vegas. We fly out tomorrow so we are going to jam in a bit more of this crazy city before we head for Chicago in the morning.

When I finished up my job at Muse Restaurant my wonderful work family bought us a great surprise for our trip. A flight in a helicopter over the spectacular Grand Canyon! We’re picked up at our front door and off on our papillon adventure flight. The drive through the desert is long but the views as we leave vegas are quite pretty and we are going in a helicopter so damn the drive! Jess is super excited and I am up the back of the bus making helicopter noises like a small child. Thanks Muse!


The airstrip we leave from seems little but this is the single largest helicopter site in the states. We meet Paco our pilot for the day and get kitted up for takeoff. Headsets, flotation devices and a nifty metal harness that straps you into your seat, no parachutes though? Hmmm… Perplexing. Our driver Paco assures us that we are safe and then we are off. The chopper blades whirr and the whole machine seems to tremble and shake, then, up up and away. Amazingly, this is one of the smoothest take offs I have ever experienced. The helicopter just glides through the air, no turbulence, just cruising over the Nevada desert.


After visiting some of the sites to see like The Hoover Dam and the Colorado river suddenly the canyon yawns underneath us. The largest natural wonder in the world, it is truly something indescribable, but I will do my best. The Grand Canyon is enormous, the earth seems to completely swallow you in beautiful rock formations, pillars and stone. We glide through just a tiny part of the canyon but it seems to engulf the little chopper entirely. We stop for fuel and a few quick shots before we are back in the air and headed home.


Terra firma is a welcome site for me, Jess of course wants to go again. Back on the bus and we both realise there is so much more of Vegas for us to see.

So here we go.

We’re transferred to our hotel by limo. That’s right, limo. The shiny stretched car beckons to us and we are more than happy to indulge this Vegas highlight. We feel like celebrities as we cruise along the strip, deciding on where we should grab dinner. But before we bite, a quick stop at one of the highlights of Vegas, the volcano eruption at The Mirage.




Gordon Ramsays face is plastered all over the place here in Vegas, he has several restaurants in the casinos along the strip. So we thought we should go visit him at his Planet Hollywood restaurant BurGR. I’ll review this place because it is so much more than a burger joint. After an hours wait in line it is time for us to eat! The burgers are delicious and the dessert shakes are incredible. I’ll talk more in the review so check it out. With our stomachs filled we are back on the strip charging towards old Vegas, Fremont street. Home to none other than the infamous casino, The Golden Nugget.



Home to Vegas legends like the rat pack and Elvis Presley, The Golden Nugget is old school Vegas; cigars, lingerie waitresses and high minimum bets. Jess and I have already lost more than enough money in the city of sin so gambling is well and truly off the tables for us. Instead we check out the amazing pool area with a waterslide that runs right through a shark tank. I’m not kidding, there is a water slide that runs right through the centre of an aquarium filled with exotic tropical fish and grey nurse sharks. It’s fairly awesome.


After wandering around this beautiful casino we head out onto Fremont street. This is the epitome of Vegas glitz and glam, even the ceiling is covered in a huge screen that plays advertisements and music videos. There’s bands, people dressed as Elvis, live dancers, all right here on the street. It’s as if the entire circus was let out and are just running wild. This is the Vegas that blew us both away.


Now we fly out in the morning so I think it’s time for bed

Goodnight bright lights.


Josh and Jess

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters
Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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