Relax. Day 14

Relax. Day 14

Well the title says it all today. All we want to do is relax. We sleep in until midday, the best sleep we’ve had all trip. I think we needed it! Its lucky we decided to grab an apartment in Chicago because we knew we’d need a lazy day sooner or later.

With reruns of some of our favourite shows, Seinfeld and Friends and all new US masterchef, it’s the perfect day for rest. We watch tv and veg out eating Doritos and Oreos before grabbing some brochures and planning out the next five days in Chicago.

Dinner is calling and we feel we should see some of the day outside so we walk to the closest Thai restaurant and get some carry out. Finally, an egg roll! A delicious mix of chicken and vegetables rolled in a pastry and fried. What more could you want? Well we thought dumplings, flat steak noodles, panang and chicken lettuce wraps sounded pretty awesome as well.

Now it’s movie time, we finish by watching Pitch Perfect and The Bourne Legacy before falling straight back to sleep.

Tomorrows going to be a big day.

 Jess and Josh

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