Big bites @ Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR

Big bites @ Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR

It’s a Vegas eat feast and Jess and I are in the mood for that American staple, the cheeseburger. So we head out onto the strip to chase away our hunger pains. Chef Gordon Ramsay to the rescue. Now you might know him as the chef that screams and yells at all those people on tv. To chefs like me he is Gordon Ramsay, owner of the three Michelin starred restaurant, Gordon Ramsay, and a plethora of other restaurants all over the world. Trained by one of the cooking Gods, Marco Pierre White, Ramsay is now a world sensation and a serious food hero of mine.


So that’s where we head, Gordon Ramsay’s BurGr at Planet Hollywood. Now can I tell you, the line is just massive. Jess and I wait for around 40 minutes just to get a seat. So to pass time in the line we read the menus and take some quick shots with Gordon whose face is slathered all around the place. This place is pumping! With seating for 200 the chefs are pounding at sensational fare to hungry Vegas crowds.


Our waiter Alex takes our order after exclaiming that he couldn’t believe we forgot to bring Tim Tams from Australia. We promise we’ll bring some next time! For me I order the farm burger, a juicy beef patty with cured duck ham, avocado and a fried egg. Delicious. For Jess, the southern yardburger, a tantalising concoction of seared chicken, bacon, buttered lettuce, mustard and pickles. But wait, to start we have some of the best onion rings I have ever had. Shatteringly crisp and served with a sharp and creamy cheddar ranch and chipotle ketchup. Wow. I couldn’t stop eating them, I wanted to cancel our holiday, move in and eat onion rings until I explode.

image image

Then the burgers come, with a side of truffle fries smothered in Parmesan. The burgers are stacked high and I dive in jaw open wide. The burgers are absolutely scrumptious. You can taste quality produce, the beef is ground and perfectly pink, the cheese is gooey and for me the fried egg just adds some more mouth watering richness that I just love.



With our stomachs nearly full to bursting we hesitantly flip through dessert to see Gordon’s version of the American milkshake. The dessert shake is unreal and for our readers benefit of course we decide we have to try one.

For me, the Oreo creme brûlée, as suggested by our waiter, a tower of French custard, Oreo cookie shake and vanilla ice cream. For Jess, the decadent chocolate shake with caramel mousse and tuille topper. Did we mention we love America! These shakes are a delight, despite my near exploding waistband I punish the shake and search for seconds. This is an unreal meal in itself.



Now this restaurant may not be our usual night out, it isn’t about fine dining or fancy. What this is is great quality food with service to match.  Our waiter Alex was run off his feet but never lost a friendly smile and a positive attitude.

Great hospitality combined with great food makes for an awesome dining experience. The burgers are ridiculously good and did I mention the onion rings.

So relax your jaw and head on down to BurGR.

Big bites are recommended.

Josh and Jess

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