Troubles with weather. Day 15

Troubles with weather. Day 15

Following a day of relaxation Jess and I are ready to hit the busy Chicago streets. We dress up, put on our walking shoes and run outside into the…pouring rain. Yes it is bucketing down. The streets are sloshed and the wind is howling. Not exactly our perfect day out of sightseeing and merriment.

We decide to soldier on anyways and head out into the soggy city. A few streets in and with the rain only worsening we decide to duck into a theatre and see a movie. Hopefully the weather will clear and we can head out in the afternoon sun. Matt Damon’s new Elysium proves a little sci fi romp that provides a fair bit of action with an albeit predictable storyline. We chow down on some pretzel stuffed m&m’s and head back out onto the streets. It is still raining so we hit the mall and do a little window shopping. There is a fairly giant candy store that Jess and I have to stop at to indulge our sweet tooth.


If you’re ever in Chicago I recommend hitting pretty much every Asian restaurant you can find. Today i am dominating a serve of bao, steamed bread stuffed with an assortment of savoury fillings. There’s Kung pao chicken, BBQ pork, teriyaki, Mongolian lamb. They have everything. The bread is steamed, warm and soft and the fillings are tongue tingling deliciousness. These delectable little bites are everywhere.

 The weather has finally cleared so Jess and I decide to explore the Chicago Navy Pier. The sweet smell of cinnamon dusted churros and fried dough drapes the boardwalk as we take a few shots of the stunning city. The Ferris wheel twinkles and the pier is full of happy tourists.



The city of Chicago is really beautiful, even if the weather is a little drab. There are dozens of gardens, parks and fountains. The city is flowing and fast paced, it kind of reminds both of us of Melbourne back in oz. Back to the hotel for some croissants and local cheddar.


Let the sun shine!

Josh and Jess

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