Playing the waiting game. Day 17

Playing the waiting game. Day 17

We get a late start to the day with a delicious sleep in. I wake up feeling somewhat hungover, being that I don’t really drink and we got stuck in at The Aviary last night. Ok it might be the middle of the day, my hair is smeared all over my face, I’m struggling to deal with daylight, but I think I’m ready to face the day.

We head over to the Sheraton hotel to do some laundry. I know exciting right? Well actually I’m pretty excited because my clean underwear situation is becoming fairly drastic. So there’s only one washing machine at the Sheraton and we have two very full loads. To cut a long story short it takes us three hours to do laundry. In a small, sweaty room which we can’t leave because we aren’t guests and our laundry card is only good for the laundry. Wonderful.

When the clothes are squeaky clean we decide to go and check out the Willis Tower and walk out onto the sky deck. We haven’t really seen the whole city from above yet so we think seeing it over sunset will be great. Well that kind of goes out the window while we wait two hours in a line. Wow it’s a Saturday evening, don’t these damn tourists have other places to be. We’ve been jostled, nudged and flat out pushed just to get this sixty second elevator ride to the 103rd storey high above the city.


Wow this place is high. I mean it is really high. Jess and I have been on the Eiffel Tower, the top of the Pantheon, the eureka Skydeck but this building is taller than all. And I am freaking terrified! Oh also there is a glass frame called the ledge where the entire floor beneath you is made of glass looking down onto the streets below. Tentatively I tiptoe out towards the edge, Jess is standing on the glass platform staring down at the city. Good god this is high. I put my pinky toe over the glass, them quickly pull it back. Dripping in sweat I put one leg out over the ledge. Then somebody yells “hey guys do you want me to take your photo?” Great. So not wanting to look too much like a frightened chimp I drag myself onto the ledge for what felt like the longest photo of my life. Done? Ok, I throw myself back onto solid ground. The sky deck is great, especially at night staring at the glow of lights that Chicago puts on show. Our recommendation is try and buy your tickets online rather than do the two hour wait just so you can buy them. However, the view is worth it.


Now after literally spending our entire day waiting in lines I am absolutely starving. I think it’s time we introduce ourselves to a serious Chicago favourite. The deep dish pizza. Tonight we’re eating at Giordano’s, a place made famous for its stuffed, deep dish pizza. We have to pre order because this restaurant is so packed with locals. Jess and I definitely recommend, do not order food when you are seriously hungry. You will always over order! We grab some fried mozzarella with marinara sauce, some Parmesan and garlic fries with ranch AND a deep dish pizza with bacon and ground beef.


First the mozzarella. The American philosophy seems to be if you can eat it. You can fry it. This is just chunks of mozzarella cheese, crumbed then deep fried. The marinara sauce makes for a delicious dipper for the super stretchy cheese. The fries are crisp and served of course with ranch dressing. Yum.



Then it arrives, the gigantic, stuffed, sauce topped, cheese drenched Giordano’s pizza. Good god. Jess we are gonna need a bigger table.


I of course dive in with no hesitations, the sauce is rich with garlic and oregano, the bacon is crisp and the cheese is..stretchy.


The pizza here is out of this world good. I mean it took us an hour to get a table here and we had to pre order our pizza. There are guys making these things from scratch and firing them to order. It is so so tasty. After one slice though the mozzarella sets like a concrete chunk in my stomach and I feel like I cannot go any further. Ahh just one more. We box up the leftovers and head for the hotel. Tomorrow is going to be a big day, tomorrow night we dine at Alinea. Our first restaurant inside the San Pellegrino top 20. Could this be our perfect dining experience?

Let the search begin..

Josh and Jess

730 N Rush ST Chicago, Illinois USA

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