D is for detour. E is for engagement! Day 24

D is for detour. E is for engagement! Day 24

For that is what we took today, and that is what we did today! Yes after four years I finally plucked up the courage and asked Jess to marry me. Of course, she said yes! Now before I tell you this wonderful, romantic story I have to tell you this story.

We begin our day obscenely early,  around 9:30 and leave Washington DC behind us. We get into our clunky little ford and set off into the Washington streets. Oddly enough I am quite calm this morning and it is in fact Jess screaming at the GPS and throwing offensive signals at folks out the window. Sorry Washington. We are driving for Baltimore to visit Chef Duff at his bakery Charm City Cakes. It’s only about an hour from here but traffic is just horrendous.


We soon learn that there is some sort of race on in Baltimore today so instead of driving precisely on the road that we needed to go on we take an hours detour. Finally we arrive at Charm City Cakes. Home to The Ace of Cakes. The bakery itself is a little shop squeezed in between the weather beaten homes of Baltimore. Blacked out windows mean no chance of us seeing their delectable goodies but we can snap a few shots and then on our way. Philadelphia to climb the “Rocky” steps.

The highway drive along the interstate is actually quite enjoyable. The foliage provides lovely green company and the tiny houses dotted amongst the farmlands make for at least an interesting drive. The serious urban sprawl that is Philadelphia is on us but is it a short and easy drive to the art museum where the steps are located? No. Can we get within four hundred yards of the museum? No. There is a huge music festival on and it looks like the entire city is walled up. Another hours detour. But we get to drop some sick beats with the Philly locals before jumping yet again back on the highway.

New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of? I think so. It is a phenomenal city that literally beams with lights, skyscrapers and monolithic structures if industry. We ditch the shonkmobile and set sail on a shuttle to our hotel.  After driving most of the day we decide to squeeze in just one of the cities landmarks. It is in fact something I have been planning for months. We head for The Empire State Building.


Now unbeknownst to Jess I have in fact been concealing an engagement ring this entire trip. Yes through all the airports, the security checks, the sights and the hotels. It has been on quite a trip and tonight is the night that I am going to ask Jess to marry me. What better place than the Empire State Building?

New York is Jess’s dream and I’m so glad that I get to bring her here. The whole drive she has been like a child, excited about the sights.


Ahead, the enormous structure stares down at us. Now the nerves kick in. Not the nerves of popping the question, the nerves of popping the question 86 storeys up! The elevator climbs and climbs and my heart starts beating faster and faster. When you visit the tower, be sure to buy your tickets online first so you can avoid the gigantic queues! Here we are floor 86 we step outside into the observatory. I get down and one knee and Jess smiles. The rest is history! We are officially engaged! We couldn’t be happier, now we get to be on our adventures forever.


Once my hands stop shaking and Jess has stopped admiring her new diamonds we stroll out onto the balcony and get some happy snaps overlooking the beautiful city. Josh and Jess, now the city of New York will remain special to both of us. Back to the hotel after an insanely romantic trip to Wendy’s for some chilli cheese fries. Delicious.

Today has been an epic day. Now to tomorrow.

With my new fiancé by my side.

Josh and Jess

6 thoughts on “D is for detour. E is for engagement! Day 24

  1. Dear Jess and Josh, Simply had to say “Congratulations” one more time. A lifetime of sharing awaits! May many of your dreams come true. Our sincere blessings to u both. You can only imagine the conversation between Claire and Julie!! Ha x x x. Chris and Ron.

  2. Hi Jessica and Josh.Congratulations on your engagement.It’s wonderfull news.A lovely surprise for you and Josh is so romantic. Lots of Love Nan and Pop.Corey was so happy when he told us.We hope you enjoy the rest of your life together.

  3. Hi Josh & Jess.

    We have just got home from 5 days in Forster,& read the wonderful news.Must admit we had been informed by Grandma.What wonderful news & many congratulations to you both.

    As you can imagine – yes I cried would not be me if I didn’t would it?

    Your “blog” re everything is so fantastic keep it up. Enjoy all your travels & once again great news – what a party when you come home!!!!!!

    Lots of love Aunty Jan & Ian xxxxx

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