Whimsy and wicked wonderment. Day 29

Whimsy and wicked wonderment. Day 29

The call of Coney Island is too strong for Jess so we are of course on the train bound for the infamous boardwalk. Undoubtedly Jess is going to force me to go on a multitude of ridiculous and terrifying rides whilst she cackles maniacally. It’s around an hour by subway to get out to Coney Island and our stop lets off in little Russia, right outside a market. How convenient.


Little Russia is full of great smells and treats. I stop at a tiny street cart where a gorgeous russian accent offers me a potato. Not a regular potato it is in fact a fried bread filled with mashed potato, sautéed onions and black pepper. Wow that is good. I’m going to have to learn to speak russian just so I can order those all the time! Stomach slightly filled we walk towards the beach. The enormous Ferris wheel is set into the horizon with the giant roller coasters in the foreground.


Time for a distraction, the New York City aquarium provides the perfect option. Pretty fish, hilarious seals and a giant friendly walrus. Much of the aquarium was destroyed during hurricane sandy but the exhibits are still worth a look. The penguins are hilarious and the seal show makes for great entertainment. They bark and jump and dive, it’s very funny and a great distraction to keep Jessica away from the agonising looking rides.


Damn I’ve mentioned rides and Jess suddenly remembers that its time for us to head for the Coney Island fair ground and get on the hideous rides. Thankfully Jess decides that she is happy to ride alone and jumps straight aboard the soaring eagle, some kind of terrible contraption where she is strapped into the roller coaster lying down, facing the ground. It looks just awful. When she finally reaches the ground I realise that once again I’m hungry. Time for Nathan’s.


Said to be the home of the original hotdog Nathan’s huge queue is testament to one good these dogs are. I dive head first into a chili dog with molten American cheese. Delicious! Paired with a very boardwalk American orangeade this dog quickly cures my hunger pains. We jump back on the subway to the hotel as we have to prepare for a night at the theatre.



For all journeys one needs sustenance. For me it involves some of the best soup I’ve ever eaten and some kicking Korean. The soup comes from a store known as the soup man, aka the soup nazi. This store inspired Jerry Seinfeld to create this infamous character “the soup nazi” known for his horrible treatment of customers and his mantra of “no soup for you!” I had chicken gumbo that blew my head off it was so tasty. Dinner was some serious spice at Danji. I wrote a review so check out time to dine for all the details. Now off to the adventure.


We are travelling to Oz. Well we’re going to see Wicked at the Gershwin theatre on broadway. When you’re in New York it is an absolute must to see a show on broadway and Wicked is one of the city favourites opening every night to a packed out audience. I don’t want to spoil anything but I’ll give you a little overview of the evening.


The Gershwin theatre screams old school, classic broadway. The decor is regal and elegant, with of course a flash or two of emerald city green. Wicked is set just before the arrival of Dorothy and Toto. Lindsay Mendez is stunning as the wicked witch of the west Elphaba. Her voice sent shivers up and down my spine as she belted out the shows incredible tunes. Playing opposite her as the good witch Glinda is Katie Rose Clarke, another gorgeous voice with shatteringly high notes. With light comedy combined with the wonderful songs and show Wicked is pure magic. It instantly took us back to our childhood and transported us to the world of oz as we finally find out what makes the wicked witch just so wicked.


Jess, Tanya and I loved this show! I sat completely enthralled through the high notes, the comedic romps and the utter whimsy that was the performance. Yes tickets might set you back a little but it’s Broadway and this show is fantastic. We fall back down to earth after a major standing ovation for all the performers and decide to head home.

I clicked my heels but forgot I left my red diamond shoes at home.

Josh and Jess

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