Ballparks and beef. Day 30

Ballparks and beef. Day 30

We slept in. Tanya has been lured away this morning by the sirens at Macy’s. So Jess and I take this opportunity to laze around before hitting the streets for some serious lunch.

Now when I say serious I mean serious. We are going to a Brooklyn food institute. A barrage of beef awaits at this place, and boy do they do it well. It’s a bit of an old saying but when you eat out in another country if you see tonnes of tourists head for the hills, if you see loads of locals you are in for a show. We are eating lunch at Brennan and Carr.


Established in 1938 this local eat feast has been serving up roast beef in epic portion, and that’s not all they do. There’s clam chowder, burgers, onion rings, the list goes on and on and on. Now there’s something a little different about the sandwiches here at Brennan and Carr. They’re served dipped, when I say dipped I really should say drenched in beef jus. We ate French dipped sandwiches in LA but this is something else. This is something incredible!


The roast beef is sliced thin and stacked high on a soft white roll, then the sandwich is dipped into the reserved drippings from the beef, all the juices and flavour goodness soaks through into the bread and the meat to create just pure transcendence! If that wasn’t enough there’s a side of jus served with the onion rings in case there wasn’t enough already. Delicious. Delicious. Delicious. Meat juice is pouring down my arm, the roll is collapsing as soon as a try to hold it and with every bite I fall more in love. Get into Brooklyn and try this local secret!




Once the sandwich lovefest ends it’s time for Jess and I to head back to the hotel. Tonight we are getting in to that all American past time, baseball. The New York Yankees are playing the Boston Red Sox and we are not going to miss it. So we hop on board the subway to the Bronx which is so packed I finally get to feel how canned sardines must feel, unpleasant, and we arrive at Yankee stadium. This is a serious sport in America and baseball is actually a lot of fun to watch. A must do when you’re in New York.


Oh and did I mention the food? Hey have everything. “Get a beer here!” “Fairy floss here!” “Peanuts here!” There’s also a million street vendors, we grab some dogs and some chili chicken tenders for Jess. Unfortunately the Yankees were beat 12 to 8. Nevertheless we commiserate with the fans on the subway ride home. It’s bedtime for us now, Eleven Madison Park for dinner tomorrow.

Go Yankees!

Josh and Jess

2 thoughts on “Ballparks and beef. Day 30

  1. Hi Jess and Josh
    Sounds like you are having a ball. I’ve put on 20kg just reading about all that food. Sounds amazing. Happy Birthday to Tanya. xxx. Lots of Love Nan

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