Two dinners, two days. Day 31 & 32

Two dinners, two days.  Day 31 & 32

Well it has been a hectic two days so I’m sorry I am just getting to post this now.

Day 31 begins with us actually sleeping in. Yes Tanya as well. We are heading back over to the Chelsea markets to get our hands on some incredible lobster once again. First however I have to do something manly, something so manly in fact I can feel my chest hair tingling and my beard sprouting at the very thought of it. Actually I’m going shoe shopping.

We grab the seriously crowded subway looking more and more like New Yorkers everyday, we don’t sit down, don’t crowd walkways and most of all don’t make eye contact. Ok I’m kidding, in fact everyone we’ve encountered on this leg of the trip has been both friendly and helpful. New Yorkers are proud of their city and are happy to help with directions and advice. However as a rule do yourself a favour and don’t ask questions of the guys trying to either sell tour bus tickets, monument guides or crappy house recorded rap demos. The last one got me a treat and I don’t even like rap!

It’s a Saturday and the transformed meat packing district of Manhattan is packed tighter than a Miami Dolphins front row. Get it? American football reference? But jostle your way through the crowds and you’ll find yourself in a fashion savvy, edgy little neighbourhood where the wrong shoes could probably get you punished. Tanya and Jess are on the hunt for the fine dining of footwear. Prada, Gucci and the ultra modern, Christian Louboutin. Suddenly my credit card bursts into flames in my wallet like some fiery demon from beyond. “Don’t worry honey, think of it as a good investment.” Right I think that’s enough shoe shopping for today.

The Chelsea market is definitely worth visiting if you’re in New York. We run straight for the lobster house for another helping of sweet succulent Crustacean. The brioche is golden like sun toasted fields, the mayonnaise as rich as clotted cream and the sweet slipperiness that is perfectly poached fresh lobster meat. I’m not going to lie, it’s a hell of a sandwich. We head up to the high line and Jess discovers one of the best sandwiches I have ever seen. They call it, the mess. A mountain high stack of rich barbecued brisket and molten cheddar cheese all smothered in spicy chili sauce. Oh glory of glories. Holy macaroni! This sandwich is a work of art. I’m getting one!

Once rumbling tummies are silenced we walk around the spice market and the inner markets where they house all the fresh and local produce you can imagine. Stop in and try some bread at Amy’s bakery, they’re serving up ingenious rolls like potato, caramelised onion and dill, all freshly baked and ready for you. Also check out the olive oil and balsamic tasting areas for things like peach balsamic, blood orange olive oil or a rich Colombian espresso salt. Once our legs start to tire we jump back on board the subway and head for the Staten Island ferry.




Subways in New York City will get you pretty much anywhere that you need to go. When you arrive ask your hotel for a quick guide and familiarise yourself with the lines and the routes. Then, depending on our stay purchase a metro card and you’re on your way. Once you learn how to work the subway I guarantee you will use it so gab yourself an unlimited metro card for 30 bucks rather than topping it up every $2.50 journey. The subway has been renovated and the trains are clean and efficient, much cheaper than simply jumping in a cab and fighting the traffic.

We hop off and jump in the queue for the Staten Island ferry. This is one of the great free things to do in New York and it offers great views of the city and the Statue of Liberty. For us it is about stepping in the fifth and final borough of New York City that we have yet to set foot in. So we catch the ferry, get out and get straight back on. It’s almost dinner time and we do not want to be late.


Eleven Madison Park. Number five on the list of San Pelligrino’s best 50 restaurants in the world. This is a dream come true. The review is done so you can check it out and all the photos here.

Day 32

 Happy Birthday Aunty Tanya!

Following our fifteen course marathon effort at the indescribable Eleven Madison Park we sleep in. Again! I am feeling more beautiful and radiant than ever. We surprise Tanya with a little cookie we got at the market yesterday and set off on the hunt for more New York sights and wonders. Today our eyes are set upon the Metropolitan Museum.


Needing the exercise we decide to tackle the city streets on foot this morning. Feeling fit I happily agree. Oh what a poor decision. Turns out that dining almost exclusively on caviar, truffles, foie gras and duck fat will leave you the size of a small whale with the respiratory condition of a severely asthmatic ant. My brain wanted to frolic like a gazelle, instead I waddle like an unenthused hippopotamus. Central Park is a few blocks from our hotel and my ankle bones feel as sturdy as toothpicks. Nevertheless we soldier on.

The Met is a huge building spanning an entire city block with exhibits containing all forms of art and history. We jump straight into ancient Egypt, the relics are amazing and the photos are many. I must mention for you tourists, the met is a public museum so the 25 dollar fee the staff will try to charge you to enter is simply recommended. Jess and I entered for a cool five bucks. The museum is funded by the government so don’t get suckered in to paying tonnes. The Japanese exhibit is a wonderful display of zen beauty and the Greek and roman exhibits took us back in time. The Met is a wonderful place that one could explore for days on end. Check it out when you’re in town.



Now we must head home because dinner tonight is at WD-50

Here we go again!

Josh and Jess

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