Goodbye bright city lights. Day 33

Goodbye bright city lights. Day 33

Yes it’s that time, time for us to leave the beautiful city of New York and travel on across America. We’re headed for Charleston, South Carolina.

We said our goodbyes to time square last night and Jess grabbed her final photos. I was deep in the Eleven Madison Park review so we got a few more today as well.



I’ll keep this one short because we haven’t done too much at all today. We decide to farewell the city by simply wandering through the beautiful streets. We go to a little Belgian cafe for a quick brunch and Tanya has a chance to do a last minute shop while Jess and I catch a movie. The waffles are enormous, I had to try a Croque Monsieur which was also really tasty. We bid our final farewells to this phenomenal city, grab a car to the airport and fly out at 8:30.


Charleston here we come.

Wow that was short.

Josh and Jess

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