Saying goodbye to America. Does anyone speak english here? Day 38, 39 & 40

Saying goodbye to America. Does anyone speak english here? Day 38, 39 & 40

Ok so I’ve been slack on the writing, not completely my fault. The wifi in Miami was not up to scratch and also my brain was still swimming following our visit to Harry Potter world. Now the spells have gone and Miami lay before us in all it’s beachside glory.

Or it would be if it wasn’t bucketing down rain. Yes it is pelting down here, the drive from Orlando is only a few hours and it was bright and sunny the entire trip but as soon as we caught glimpse of those golden beaches they were snatched away by the rain gods. So our wonderful journey throughout the United States finishes due to wet weather, never mind, our trip has been utterly incredible. We check into our hotel and watch a few movies before taking a quick drive around the soggy city. Miami is quite beautiful, even in the rain, however storms are forecast for the next few days and we have to start the next leg of our trip. Hopefully the weather holds out so we can fly to Europe.

Day 40 

Guess what? The rain held out! Thetraveltotaste continues with our flight to Zurich, and I actually had a decent flight, despite the folks in front of me insisting on pushing their seats as far back as possible. Putting the bald head staring at me aside we arrive in beautiful Switzerland. Zurich, a quaint semi city that I can’t wait to explore.

Our hotel is a pretty little artwork with quirky decor and most of all a luscious looking bed. Having slept for about 5 hours in the last 48 I think it’s probably time we slept. I know this little piece is short but consider it the teaser for what is to come. We’re in Europe and we are still searching for that illusive perfect dining experience.

Hope you’re up for the search..

Josh and Jess

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