Stepping on stones. Day 42

Stepping on stones. Day 42

What? I can see that you’re all confused by the lack of day 41 on the website. Or maybe you didn’t notice. I hate to tell you folks but day 41 was literally spent sleeping. After a full flight with very little sleep I needed a day of rest. When we finish this holiday I think I’ll need a holiday!

Waking up and feeling fresh Jess and I decide to explore the city. Grab a quick panini stuffed with mortadella, oozing Brie and rich tomato sauce and we are set to go. When you’re in Zurich get yourself a 24 hour pass called the Zurich Card. It gives you access to all public transport within the city. Trains, trams, boats, buses, I reckon you could hail a horse and cart with it if need be. We hop on board the train and speed off towards Üetliberg, also known as, the top of Zurich. Jess throughout our travels has developed this obsession with great views so we best get this great view of the Swiss countryside.


I can say one thing, we definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore! This busy little European city is brimming with banks, designer stores and of course loads of food. This city is like a macchiato. The raw and industrial city filled with machines contrasted by the sweet, cherubic steepled houses where all anyone wants to talk about is fondue. The contrast between the old and the new is palpable but in a good way. Rather than removing its history like so many major cities the Swiss are proud of their heritage. We see some of this history at the Swiss National Museum.



The museum resides in the revamped Castle of Prangins and is filled with Swiss history; from its Celtic and roman background all the way through to its industrious nature in the modern day. After wandering around this beautiful site my stomach is growling and what do you eat when you’re in Switzerland? The answer of course, Bratwurst. The Sternen Grill is a wurst institution. For those of you who are unsure wurst is sausage. We grab some St Gallen Bratwurst and chomp in. Ok they are suspiciously large and you may need to push the thought of horse penis from your mind but I insist they are deliciously spiced pork meat. The outside has a great char from the grill and the meat has plenty of flavour. A delicious side street snack as we walk along the Bahnhofstrasse, a massive designer shopping sect where Prada, Bvlgari and many others feature prominently and we’re in Switzerland so there is of course. Chocolate.



Lots and lots of sweet, milky, creamy chocolate. Jess is in heaven. We want to steer clear of the main brands but and opt for a little local chocolatier not far off the beaten track. The cobblestone streets crackle delightfully underfoot as we trot up the path to visit the immense stone churches. Stained glass glistens as we walk through the sacred spaces. Churches are wonderfully historic in Switzerland, the gothic architecture, the woodwork, everything is preserved and looks from the Middle Ages.



We mosey back to our hotel through old town. This is Zurich, I feel like I’m walking through a medieval village, knights swinging swords and blacksmiths toiling over molten flame. In fact I’m staring at Swiss Army knives and perfectly tuned timepieces but the feeling is still the same. History. It’s beautiful, so beautiful in fact that it is making me want to eat like a warrior. Dinner time I think.



Now this is time for Swiss food. Vienna schnitzel and spatzli. Jess and I are at the local hangout, Schlachthof, where meat is served as it should be, huge, breaded and fried. With a pint of whatever the guys beside us are having Jess and I settle in to old school Zurich. Ok the menu is in German, the language your surrounded by is foreign and slightly drunk but this is travel. This is what thetraveltotaste is about. Perfection comes in many forms my friends. Food brings people together, that’s what I think we love most about it. The plates arrive piled high. For Jess a succulent pork schnitzel cordon bleu, meaning pork stuffed with bacon and melty gooey gruyere cheese. For me the classic Veal Vienna schnitzel with spatzli. Andy, my first chef would be so proud. The spatzli, a german form of pasta, is golden and crisp with lashings of melted butter and the schnitzel is served as it should be. Simply. A lemon wedge to garnish. This is food from the heart, it’s not fussy, it’s honest and wonderful. The stuff memories are made of. Ok maybe the beers are starting to get to me.


Home to bed, Germany calls.

Gute Nacht Meine Freunde

Goodnight my friends

Josh and Jess

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