Brighter horizons! Day 46 part 2

Brighter horizons! Day 46 part 2

After a seriously saddening morning spent in Dachau, Jess and I need some serious cheering up. Some German pastries and a trip to a castle might do the trick. Back on the train and I am scoffing gummi bears like a well oiled German machine.

We are headed for Nymphenburg palace, a stately manor with stunning floral displays and all the opulence of the German royalty one can imagine. Unfortunately we have no idea where it is. So we are off the train in a place called Laim and wandering amidst the city streets. I’ve probably said it a hundred times but Munich really is beautiful. Trees are turning into an autumnal orange glow, the cobblestones hums beneath your feet and the houses sit almost angelic with their roofs pointed towards the sky. It’s like walking in a snow globe.

Nymphenburg palace is a couple of kilometres away from where we are, lucky our walking shoes are on and we stroll through the parklands towards the palace. The palace glitters in the distance as we are greeted by its lush gardens and lightly gravelled pathways. Swans and signets dip and dive amongst the many water features outside of the palace as we take in the enormity that is Nymphenburg palace. For just 5 euro you can take a tour of this fantastically preserved monument, we take the stairs into the greeting hall. The ceiling is impeccably detailed in incredible artwork with crystal chandeliers catching the sunshine streaming in through the giant windows. This is money, this is living like a King. The timber furnishings brought in from Paris reflect a napoleonic style of decor and of course a little Bavarian flair thrown in.




We grab some great photos inside and outside as Jessica gets to feel a little of the life of a princess. The hall of beauties features some wonderful period portraits that Ludwig was fascinated by. Paintings of women from all classes, from a shoemakers daughter to the daughter of a King, beauty is reflected in all walks of life. This exhibit is a wonderful display of German culture and history. The outside gardens are immaculate, and well kept, any tourist could easily spend a day just taking in all that this site has to offer. However for us it has been quite a long day, home for some incredibly posh two minute noodles and maybe a little German choccie I snuck in for Jess.





Time to sleep like a king, too bad I have the budget of a pauper.

Josh and Jess

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