A Food Coma & A Day of Stockholm Searching. Day 57 & 58

A Food Coma & A Day of Stockholm Searching. Day 57 & 58

To explain the food coma. Following a breakfast in what can only be truly described as God’s country; where the air is damp with morning mist, the pine trees hang softly in the breeze and there really is a whisper of wonderment within the beautiful farmland of Fäviken, Jess and I are in desperate need of some sleep. We have journeyed for days just to get a glimpse of what we have experienced but even the mightiest foodies need a day of rest.

So that’s exactly what we had. Following another 8 hour train back to Stockholm we slept, and slept, and slept, and slept. Finally the time came when the day was new and we couldn’t waste another. Time to explore.


The city of Stockholm is beautiful, reminding me very much of a medieval New Zealand. Mountains sit silent in the background whilst the city hums around us with construction, traffic and a million people on bikes. The weather is sharp but fair, a mild 12 degrees and much sunnier than any day we had in Mother Russia. The street is awash with tourists and locals alike, everybody seems to be headed in the same direction, The Kings Palace. Well that’s where we are off to so we can see the changing of the guard.



We step into the courtyard of the giant monarch square, the walls are lined with windows and the light glimmers off the win…wait that glimmer isn’t from the windows, it’s from the razor sharp bayonets attached to the enormous rifles the kings guards are carrying. One guard stands at attention centre square whilst the crowds of camera flashing tourists mill around then he calls attention and the entire square falls silent. The 4th regiment fall in in single file. A drum beats in the background quietly at first, then the square erupts into marching music. The trumpets soar, the tuba bellows and the drums pound, it is a beautiful and proud display of the Stockholm monarch. An incredible spectacle to witness that made even this proud Aussie want to salute the blue and yellow flag.



With the guard changed we decide to head deeper into wonderful old town, Gamla Stan. Cobblestone streets tap underneath our feet as the quaint little city opens up with vibrant coffee houses, art studios and boho street stores. It’s very beautiful. We drop in to a little cafe for a focaccia and of course run into some Aussies. One of which was madly working the sandwich press, thanks mate! I get some wonderfully squeaky house made haloumi with lemon zest and Jess gets a great Swedish combination of turkey, apples and oozey goat’s cheese. Tummies filled what else could we need? More food of course.


Östermals Saluhall is the local markets. A bright store brimming with Swedish delights. Giant cured hams and reindeer legs, ocean fresh seafood and all the local produce one can imagine. I’m like a kid in a candy store, an octopus with eight arms reaching at everything, tasting, smelling. This is what the journey is about for me. I am building flavour memories. Jess is reading, looking at suppliers lists, taking loads of photos. We will create something out of this and you know it will be with food and dining. Stockholm breathes with beautiful churches, the opera house and some great architecture. I wish we had a little more time here to explore but we fly out tomorrow.


Copenhagen calls.

Josh and Jess

2 thoughts on “A Food Coma & A Day of Stockholm Searching. Day 57 & 58

  1. Glad you are both having such a grand experience Jess and Josh. Sounds mind blowing. Did you miss the Art Studios??? What a shame!! Ha ha Love to you both x x x

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