Eating grasshoppers and garam. Day 60

Eating grasshoppers and garam. Day 60

Yes I know day 59 is missing but this is a food and travel blog, and the main component of travel is the actual act of travelling. We wake at some god awful hour and I look at Josh, three hours of sleep is not his friend. A quick train to the airport and once again we board to fly to our next destination, Copenhagen. It’s Sunday and like any Sunday it is spent with a bit of grocery shopping, a quick dinner and a lot of tv (yes it’s all in English woohoo!).

A few months ago we attended a culinary think tank run by industry professionals in Newcastle and Sydney. It focused on mixing science with food and the results of this continued relationship. It was here that we met Josh Evans from the Nordic Food Lab, founded by none other than René Redzepi of Noma. Through this Josh was able to keep in contact with Josh Evans and arrange a run through of the lab.

The Nordic Food Lab is located right near Noma, in the neighbourhood of Christianhaven, an old docking station. We wandered around the area we thought the lab was located, looking through a couple of windows along the way until we stumbled upon it. We were thinking a lab is in a room, four walls, a door and some windows. It is in fact a boat. Yes that’s right, a boat. A little weird at first but once we were inside it felt kind of right.


We are greeted by a few members of the lab as Josh E runs around trying to pull a bunch of things for us to taste. Then we get stuck in. Josh E gets us to taste things I would never have imagined and Josh and I are super excited. The lab is most interested in finding and foraging ingredients that are local to the Nordic land and this results in finding plants and animals that have a similar component or compound to other generic things. So first we smell what we think is clove, however it looks like some kind of dehydrated bush. It is in fact woodruff root. This I found really interesting, here is something we think is limited however there are very similar products right under our noses. From here Josh E lets us taste different fermentations like grasshopper garam and beef paste, dried and aged deer covered in bees wax, a range of ingredients preserved in alcohol and cold and hot fermented butter with hops. This was an incredible experience and as some of you would know, I hate science. I guess when anything is mixed with food it allows our brain to wander and associate it to something we already know. I feel as though Josh E has opened my mind to eating everything the earth has to offer and like Josh, am now fascinated by the Nordic Food Lab’s research.

From the lab we head in to Christianhaven a little further and stumble upon a cosy little coffee shop. Whilst I enjoy a much needed latte Josh tucks in to a Croque Monsieur, a delicious ham and cheese toastie covered with mustard. Delicious! From here its hotel time, walking past the Christiansborg Palace which is home to the Danish parliament. Unfortunately this is closed on Mondays although Josh and I are over looking through palaces, museums and churches, for a while at least.



Date night tonight and Josh and I are ready to relax. We head for the cinema across the road and are in luck, the movies are in English. “Now you see me” seems like a good choice so with lollies in one hand and a jumbo coke in the other, we are set.

Let’s get some rest, for tomorrow is Noma.

Jess and Josh

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