Eating and drinking. Day 61 and 62

Eating and drinking. Day 61 and 62

Today is the day. The one day we have been waiting for since we left Australia sixty one days ago. Today is the day we eat at Noma. After countless emails, phone calls and stalking of the booking website the day is here and we can not be more excited. We jump out of bed, I’m ready in ten minutes which is quite quick for me and Josh is so excited he is bouncing up and down like a kid in a candy shop.

In just under an hours walk from our hotel we arrive. We are caught snapping a few photos out the front by front of house manager James. He snaps a few of the two of us and shows us inside. Greeted by the entire kitchen and floor staff, we walk to our table and then the magic begins. With a beer and cider in hand we are ready for whatever Noma wants to throw at us. Now you all know that Josh is the restaurant review guru so I’ll leave that to him. I will say that Noma service was the perfect blend of professionalism and personality. The food, although challenging in some aspects was creative, unique and delicious. In terms of the search for the perfect dining experience, we have a serious contender. Check out the full review here.



With a five hour lunch done and dusted we head to the hotel to relax. Struggling to move based on the enormous lunch just eaten, a quiet night in watching movies seems perfect.

Day 62

Copenhagen is filled with sights to see, although the main reason we are here is to eat. As I’ve said before, palaces, museums and churches are getting a bit mundane so I check google for some other things to do. This is how we ended up at Carlsberg Brewery. Although this old brewery is no longer operating, the foundation remains here and there is plenty to see with the tour.


First stop is the bottling collecting. Guinness world records awards this collection as the largest in the world with just over 22,000 unopened beer bottles. Although I’m not a lover of beer, I am impressed with this. Sorted into country of origin, rusted and dusty beers line the shelves filling out the room they are preserved in. It’s quite impressive that one man could resist just opening a bottle or twenty. From here its on to the history of Carlsberg where JC Jacobsen founded the company in 1847, transforming from a local brewery to a global sensation. Touring continues through the old brew house, stopping to explore the machinery and stories of past workers. Finishing in the Jacobsen Brewhouse and Bar, Josh kicks back and enjoys his complimentary beer while I get a whooping in foosball. This brewery is a perfect day out and a change from the classic holiday experiences. Well worth a look.




Walking around all day reminds us of one thing, food. The Danish hot dogs we ate for breakfast just aren’t cutting it and we are eager to dine at our next destination. Former chef of Noma, Per Se and many other top restaurants, Matt Orlando is the new kid in town and his restaurant Amass is making some serious noise. After getting recommended by Josh Evans from the Nordic Food Lab we booked our table and now we are here. From the moment we sat at the chefs table (best seat in the house) I knew I loved it. From here we could watch the chefs work which added a whole new element to standard dining. We had great food, great service and great entertainment. The food itself was complex with flavours that complimented each other and techniques so rarely used in food today. Josh will have the full review up any day now, so stay tuned!



These two days have definitely been food highlights. For any foodie out there, I would recommend Noma and Amass to anyone travelling in or near Scandinavia. Copenhagen is putting food on the map and I can’t wait to return to see what else it delivers.


Jess and Josh

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