Wining and dining. Day 65 and 66

Wining and dining. Day 65 and 66

What better way to start our first London weekend than with Big Breakfast Saturday. Poached eggs, bacon, pork sausages and homemade hollandaise with a coffee from the local cafe. Today is going to be a good day. It’s 11am and time to load up the pork. Josh is busy in the kitchen with Viv watching his every move, hoping to replicate this when we leave. Fresh herbs, onion, cider, tomatoes, garlic and more go into this 5 kilo beast and then it’s in the oven until dinner time. Pulled pork can’t really overcook so we leave this suckling in the oven for 8 hours.

Now usually I would be the first one to raise my hand to make desserts but creativity is lacking today, instead we head to Camden Passage, a small antique community filled with shops, markets, cafés and patisseries. David points out the best gelato in London that I store in my memory for another time. Finally we stop at a cafe that is overflowing with cakes in the window and people out the door. We send in Viv and after what seems like a lifetime, she emerges carrying bags of pastries, cakes and slices. A quick stop at the park so Maggie can run off some energy and it’s back to check on the pork.

David cracks some wine as guests start arriving, it’s showtime. Pork is removed from the oven to rest and while we wait chef Josh and I prepare the mushrooms, carrots, polenta and creamed leeks for the feast. Now to get our hands dirty, pulling pork is not hard work when you cook it for as long as we have, meat falls from the bone and we toss it through the sauce it’s been cooking in. Accompanied by some pork crackling and dinner is served. There is something so relaxing about having a dinner party and it’s something Josh and I really enjoy but don’t do enough of. But look out because when we return your all invited.

Dinner winds down shortly after midnight and with work tomorrow Josh is in need of some rest. With uniform and knives ready to go he falls straight to sleep.

That 8am start is looming closer and closer.

Day 66

The day is finally here where Josh starts his stage at The Ledbury, lead by non other than fellow Australian chef Brett Graham. As most of you know, Josh won a culinary competition last October where he was awarded a scholarship to travel to London and work at The Ledbury, ranked number 13 in San Pellegrino’s Worlds Best 5o Restaurants.

While Josh is hard at work, I decide to treat myself to a day of nothing. With very little on tv we all sit down to watch a movie so terrible I won’t even mention the name, the highlight being the gelato we ate while the movie was on (some of that ‘best gelato in London’ I mentioned before). While the rain pours outside we all settle in with some spicy salami pizza from the local pub and some more tv.

There’s nothing like a lazy Sunday.

Jess and Josh,

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