Wheels turning and bells ringing. Is anyone home? Day 67

Wheels turning and bells ringing. Is anyone home? Day 67

I have a list of a million things I want to see and do whilst Josh is at work over the next few weeks, I also have a list of things we need to do together. So with Josh having a day off today it’s time to cross a few sights off that list. Today we see the sights that make London  famous for visitors and tourists and some of the most recognisable buildings and structures in the world. On our list today is the London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

As we emerge from Westminster underground station our eyes are drawn to the magnificent structure on the south bank of the Thames River. Standing at 135 metres tall, the London Eye spins showing visitors some of the best views of London. This observatory was first developed in 1999, opening in 2000 and is one of the worlds most recognisable observatories in the world, and crowned the largest Ferris Wheel in Europe. We can see the line from where we stand and decide that we will explore south bank and ride the Eye another day.


Suddenly we hear bells chiming behind us and we spin to realise that we are standing directly under Big Ben. This clock stands tall and shadows the ground beneath it. It really is an amazing sight and a must see when you travel to London. Big Ben is attached to one of the Houses of Parliament, a row of buildings that were built to house government officials. As we walk along we stumble upon the Queens entrance where security seems much tighter.



Next stop is Westminster Abbey, a church most of you would know as the location of Prince William and Princess Katherine’s wedding. The exterior of this church is stunning, so much detail has gone into every inch of stone and although we missed out on going inside by five minutes, we did sneak through the gift shop and quickly stick our heads in. It is undeniable that the inside is just as stunning as the out.


A quick walk through Parliament Square leads us towards Downing St. But first we need to engage in a classic London tourist tradition, we take our photos inside the famous red telephone box. It’s so popular in this area that we actually had to wait in line just to get inside one! When we arrive to the entrance of Downing St it is blocked by black gates and several security guards. There’s no getting close to number ten, the home and office of the Prime Minister, but you can catch a glimpse if you look close enough.



The good thing about sight seeing in London is that a lot of things are within walking distance to another. We realise we are close to Buckingham Palace and decide to cross that from the list as well. We walk through the Horse Guard and into St James Park. Walking along the lake we see ducks, swans and geese being chased by children, squirrels being taunted by dogs and people relaxing and enjoying this sunny London afternoon. Finally we reach Buckingham Palace. The flag is raised so somebody is home, although they aren’t going to just let anyone inside. The gate is raised high with guards standing at every entrance, eyes peeled for anybody not doing the right thing. We snap a few photos before it starts to pour down with rain. We take that as our sign to head home and Josh is more than happy to have a night of nothing, before he heads back to work tomorrow.



imageJust a taste of merry old England.

Jess and Josh

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