London – The Highlights Reel. Day 72 to 87. Part 3.

London – The Highlights Reel. Day 72 to 87. Part 3.

This is the final chapter of my wandering a in London and I’ve saved the best till last! Is doesn’t include museums, artwork, sculptures or armoury, but showcases some of my favourite London cultural activities. It’s not for everybody but some definite highlights for me.

Leicester Square and a West End Show

Ever since we saw Wicked on Broadway in New York I have been waiting for another show to come along, and where better to see one than West End in London. Getting the tube there are posters for shows everywhere and there was one that always caught our eye. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Josh and I are huge fans of the original movie with Gene Wilder and read the Roahl Dahl book as kids, so what better choice for us.

We head into Leicester Square and try to find last minute tickets. This square is the broadway capital with half price ticketing booths everywhere and lists of shows you would never even know existed. I also spot the multilevel M&Ms store but one look at Josh and I know I’m not allowed in. With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory only starting in the Fall, there are no discounted tickets but we find the best price at the TKTS stand, and score some of the best seats in the house in the royal circle.

7pm and it’s showtime. The show is held at the Royal Drury Theatre on Drury Lane and after a few clever muffin man jokes from Josh we enter and take our seats. This lower balcony allows you to see the entire stage and as it’s raised, there is no obscenely tall man or wide headed lady to obscure your view. A young boy walks on stage, no more than 12 years old, and immediately we are captured by his voice. He is incredible and this is the word to describe the rest of the show. You are sitting in the edge of your seat, singing along to the tunes you are so familiar with and watching the amazingly talented cast re-create your favourite scenes. If you are ever in London or the show comes to your city, it’s a must. Yes there was a few lines dropped by Charlie but the show is only a few months old, and it’s only going to get better with age.

Camden Passage / Markets

Once again the sun is shining. I check the list for anything that’s outdoors because I know I’m lacking my vitamin D and settle on wandering the Camden Markets.


Just like all markets a lot of the products are the same from store to store however you can find some great bargains if you persist and keep looking. I managed to get majority of my souvenirs from here. As you wander through the bustling streets and check out the markets and shops you eventually end up at Camden Passage. This is another market but features unique items and the best souvenir store I found, it’s along the left hand side wall, if your in the area I definitely recommend it! Another great aspect of Camden Passage is the food. Wander along the stalls and chefs will so anything to get you to eat, including free samples. You could fill up on samples alone but if you’re in the mood for food, I recommend the bang bang chicken on the corner where the chef may even sing you a song while you wait. Camden markets is the perfect day out in the sun and the best place to go for great affordable souvenirs.


Changing of the Guard

Buckingham Palace is the epitome of cliché London tourist activities and Changing of the Guard is just the icing on the cake.


Held every second day around 11am, I mark it on my calendar. Josh has no interest so I embark on the tube alone while he heads to The Ledbury. Now every post that I have read about this says get there early. I arrive at 10am and I know I’m way too late! People are 10 rows deep along the palace gates and I’m one of thousands trying to get a good spot. I settle for the rope and wait. A commotion is occurring just to my left and I look to see the Queen in her jet black car leaving the palace, camera flashes are everywhere and I get pushed and shoved by people wanting a closer look. We then hear the band as it starts to enter. Horses trot in tune, soldiers march and the band continues playing until they enter the palace grounds. It’s quite exciting and I move to try and get a closer look through the gates. After a while I eventually give up, everyone is content in remaining where they are and I’m way too short to see over the top.



All in all the experience was great and watching the soldiers and band enter is truly fascinating but if you’re ever too late to get a good spot, I suggest to come back another day because you really can’t appreciate the experience without seeing the whole show.

Sherlock Holmes’ House

There isn’t really much to be said about this then the fact that it’s Sherlock Holmes’ House. One of the most famous addresses in London, 221B Baker St! It’s so easy to find and a must if you are a fan, like Josh is.

There is a guard out the front who is more than happy to take a photo with you, some props if your interested and a fairly large museum focused on the life of Sherlock Holmes. Josh and I didn’t feel the need to go into the museum although we did spend some time looking through the store next door that was filled with unique and quirky gifts. My advice, go and grab a photo and when your there, check out The Beatles memorabilia store next door too.


So that concludes my time in London, I have had some amazing experiences here and have learnt so much about history, art, culture and even architecture. I hope that if you are ever in London that my guide gives you a little bit of insight, an idea or just something to keep you occupied for a while.

Put on your walking shoes.

Jess and Josh

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