Goodbye London, Hola Barcelona! Day 89 to 94

Goodbye London, Hola Barcelona! Day 89 to 94

Well it’s our last day in London before we fly out, and what better way spend it then packing, packing and a little bit more packing. I take everything out of the suitcases and remembering my Tetris skills start maneuvering clothes, shoes, souvenirs and everything else we overpacked. After three hours I am finished! A sigh of relief as I head downstairs to tell Josh the good news, who has spent his last day watching reruns of shows on the food channel. I join him before we get ready to head out to dinner.

It’s our last night so of course we had to squeeze one more restaurant in. Tonight we dine at Restaurant Story, a one michelin star restaurant near London Bridge. This restaurant is so new it hasn’t even been open a year and the most exciting part is it’s location, inside the middle of the road in an old toilet block. Did I say exciting? I meant interesting! Although after arriving and seeing its transformation my mind immediately wanders back to exciting. Chef Tom Sellers heads the team at Restaurant Story and having worked at Per Se, Tom Aikens and Noma you know his newest venture is sure to please. The food was innovative and beautifully presented, starting with bread and dripping that was set as a candle that melted right in front of us. Restaurant Story was a great experience and I can see this restaurant going very far. As always Josh will write an amazing review of Restaurant Story so stay tuned!



With our tummies full from the night before it’s time to pack up our bags, say our goodbyes and head to London. Now with cash a little tight it takes two tube rides and a bus to get to the airport, let’s also remember that I hate carrying luggage and the tube has a lot of stairs. I start to winge and I see the vein on Josh’s forehead begin to pulse. I’m sure you can guess that day 90 was highly stressful and not very productive. We arrive in Barcelona, check in to our hotel and get some much needed rest.

The sun is shining in Barcelona. It’s our second visit to this beautiful city so the next few days are spent relaxing, enjoying tapas, walking along the port, eating gelato at the beach and shopping at markets along La Rambla. I even convinced Josh into watching the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc dance to disney.



If you love culture, great food, buzzing atmospheres and stunning views then you will fall in love with the city of Barcelona. There is so much to see, eat and explore and I can’t wait for my third visit.

Time for some more Spanish culture because in the morning it’s off to San Sebastián.

Jess and Josh

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