about us


The travel to taste started as a way for us to put our opinions out to anyone who is willing to read. It also provides us with a means of connecting with people. Be they industry professionals, home cooks or even just avid foodies. We love what we do and we want to share that with all of you.

The two of us are both foodies from the Newcastle and Hunter Valley area in New South Wales, Australia. Josh is a chef and Jess works front of house. Together we hope to share with you our knowledge of each side of the restaurant industry. We have been in the industry for only a short time but we are believers in our dream of discovering the limitless world of food and dining. We believe in it so much that we are travelling all over the world in search for the perfect food and perfect dining experience. We want you to experience what we do. To come on our journey, the travel to taste.
Come search with us…

about josh gregory.

Josh started off working in kitchens at sixteen, a fairly shonky pot washer in a bustling seafood restaurant. It was under the guiding hand of wonderful Hunter Valley chef Brett graham josh editJamie Hartcher that he realised his passion for the industry and immediately started his apprenticeship under chef Andreas Burri. Whilst working, Josh constantly fed his obsession with books from fantastic chefs and restaurants from around the globe. Josh eventually went on to work and qualify under chef Troy Rhoades-Brown at the fine dining restaurant Muse in the Hunter Valley. He was the 2012 winner of the Brett Graham Award, a scholarship that kick started his journey around the globe. He believes in a natural based cuisine in the style of restaurants like Noma, Faviken and the French Laundry. Focusing on love of fresh produce and producing tasty food he dreams of owning his own restaurant with his partner Jessica.

about jessica thorley.

Jess started her career in hospitality after being inspired by her high school hospitality teacher. A career week at the prestigious International College of Hotel Management IMG_0468confirmed her passion for the industry as well as introduced her to the diverse range of cultures within. Jess trained at the Hunter Valley Hotel Academy with floor staff and dining professionals such as Alarna Chapman and Helen Hughes whilst working at the seriously high paced tapas restaurant Tatlers. Jess then took on the role as restaurant supervisor at Margan, here she learned a chefs love of fresh produce and began her work in the world of fine dining. Jess now works at the hatted restaurant Subo in Newcastle with fine dining maestros Beau and Suzie Vincent. Jess loves working close with restaurant owners in order to provide the best experience for their customers. Together with Josh she hopes to run a restaurant and a successful business.