A desert drive. A journey from Los Angeles to Vegas. Day 9

The desert drive. A journey from Los Angeles to Vegas. Day 9

Also we have very little petrol.

And we aren’t getting any!

We hit the road early. Real early. Ok it was like 8 30 but I seriously don’t do well in the mornings. All of my chef mates will agree that I am much better at night then in the daytime. A kind of vampiresque guy, that cooks. I’m sure it’s pretty hot in some way.

Getting out of the city is relatively easy, we hit the 101 and drive north east. Then we drive. And drive. And drive some more. All the while accompanied by vast tracks of sand, cacti, and the occasional tumbleweed. Literally weeds that tumble. It’s the epitome of deserted. The landscape is almost inhuman. If it weren’t for the trucks and cars it would feel as though we were driving across the moon or some foreign planet.

After a quick stop at Jack in the box for some Philly cheesesteak and chicken sandwiches we are back on the endless stretch of highway again. When will this ever end? Four hours later and when Jess and I are at the point that we just can’t stand the sight of another frickin cactus we see it in the distance. A city of colours, lights and monstrosity. Hopefully not too far in the distance because the red light has been glowing on the fuel gauge and the car seems to be making a strange whistling noise. Kind of like it’s running on fumes

But there it is. The hertz rental return stand at the Vegas airport. Like a prize winning pony we cross the finish line with the tank, completely, bone dry. Ok for the record Jess and I aren’t cheap. If you’ve read our previous posts you know we are not the greatest fans of hertz rentals due to some unwanted, costly upgrades. Regardless, we have made it. Las Vegas. The city of sin, that chews people up and spits them out. Shall we conquer Caesars palace, hammer the hilton, bedazzle the Bellagio, mesmerise the MGM. Be appreciative of all these phrases please! We check in to our room at the Hilton and prepare for battle.

To war!



Josh and Jess

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